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I have been awarded a shiny new badge for The Snow Witch! See the 5 star ***** review below. Reviewed By Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite “The Snow Witch by Rosie Boyes is a charming read filled with the magic and wonder of fairy tales. Siblings Kes and Star’s lives change when they’re sent off to live with their legal guardian: a grandma living in a St. Flurries house said to be haunted. The house is full of mysteries Kes is determined to solve. Their newfound lives take a turn when Star falls ill. Kes knows more is going on … Continue reading

Yay! My new book is published. I am giving you the chance to win a FREE paperback copy of The Snow Witch. It’s snow joke! All you need to do is follow me on Twitter #rosietheauthor AND… tell me your funniest cold weather joke. On 1st November I will announce a winner based on my snow rating system.  *          Frozen solid!  **        Frosty!  ***      Thawing!  ****    Getting warmer!  *****  Melted in a puddle of giggles! Continue reading