★★★★★ The Snow Witch is the second book that I’ve read by Rosie Boyes, Clemmie’s War being the first.  I’ve always enjoyed old houses filled with nooks and crannies, expansive libraries brimming with books, a ballroom, and parlor.  While I’m not quite ready for winter yet, I do love stories that give you that magical wintery feeling of swirling snowflakes,  ice skating on a frozen lake, and breath visible in the crisp air.  I was also really drawn to the premise of The Snow Witch, wanting to learn more about how the different components, grandfather clock, locket, and the curse were going to be linked together.  I mean mystery and an old manor, sounds right up my alley.

I think the story touched on everything that I was looking for and then some.  I enjoyed getting to know the various characters that inhabited St. Flurries, everyone from Goldie the 7-foot tall handyman to Chat the Cat.  St. Flurries sounds absolutely adorable, despite it being rumored to be haunted, or maybe because of.  Even Lady Bunting sounds wonderfully generous and kind, having spent most of her money trying to find the siblings.  There’s the mysterious disappearance of Kitty, the hundred-year-old curse, gypsies, and a riddle for Kes to solve.  Oh, this was such a delightful read.  I enjoyed how both sides of the story were reflected by splitting it into different parts, beginning in 2018  with Kes and Star, reflecting back to 1918 to tell Kitty’s story and then coming back to the present.  And Kitty, she’s such a sweet girl and I was so saddened by the events that led to her to be bound to the grounds of St. Flurries.  Overall, The Snow Witch was a delightful story of family, the bonds between brother and sister, and that “family always sticks together.” (LOG CABIN LIBRARY)

★★★★★ The Snow Witch is children’s book written by Rosie Boyes who also wrote Clemmie’s War. Like the first book, I also enjoyed reading this one as well, though I have to admit that I love this one more than the previous book. The characters are interesting and lovable. I love how Rosie presents value of family, love and friendship in such a sweet way. As the first book, this one also has a unique style of writing which is sweet and bubbly. At the same time it’s not too simple, but it gives a child a chance to broaden his/hers vocabulary. Rosie does know how to write a wonderful book for children. If I had children, I would definitely give them this book to read! (SAMYINBOOKWORLD)

★★★★ I was provided with an advanced e-book of ‘Snow Witch’ in exchange for an honest review, and whilst I do not usually take on ebooks I found myself compelled by the synopsis and I just HAD to find out more. The character development is swift and basic, this was a refreshing change because I find a lot of books for younger audiences really focus around the characters which means the general story really loses its magic. This was not the case with Snow Witch, it continued to grip and compel you. I devoured this book. The execution of this book was delivered perfectly. It was not drawn out over plenty of lifeless pages, it was direct – fast paced and magical. All loose ends were tied up and answered in one smooth motion and we were even treated to one further flashback, which I believed was vital to the story. An enchanting, magical fairy-tale – perfect for children and big kids alike! (TALE AT A TIME)

★★★★★ The Snow Witch is a fairy tale, a mystery, and a fantasy all mixed up in one glorious little story. The author, Rosie Boyes, started with a couple of orphaned children, Kes and Star, and continued her story into the past, back to the future, and into a fantasy world of gypsy curses. Her characters include a Granny Bird and her household full of caretakers and friends; Kitty, a girl from many years in the past; and a couple of snow white animals, just for pranks. They are all kept in line by a grandfather clock that runs backward. I dare say, most middle graders will find something to love in this delightful tale of suspense.  (C. M. HUDDLESTON- AUTHOR)

★★★★★ The Snow Witch is a very fast paced read that shows the love between brother and sister. It also shows that you don’t have to be blood kin to be family. It takes more than blood to make a family. It takes love and caring and thinking about someone other than yourself. I loved all the characters in The Snow Witch like Kes, Star, Kitty, Granny Bird, Goldie and Genevieve. Each character deserves a standing ovation as well as the writing. The Snow Witch flows along smoothly and keeps you coming back for more. I would highly recommend The Snow Witch to all ages who loves a good fantasy with a little magic thrown in. (NANCY – THE AVID READER)

★★★★★ Boyes did a fabulous job crafting a world that really sucks you in and grabs you. The author also does a great job at evoking a wide range of emotions throughout the book – from fear, to happiness, to sadness and then back to happy. This book really runs the gamut. I enjoyed it immensely and think that any reader who wants to cozy up with a quick read this winter that is just enough of a dark fairy tale to keep you interested until the very end. Highly recommended. (ASHLEY GILLAN – EBOOKNERD)

★★★★ The story was enjoyable, paced and well written. I think being close to Christmas this would be a lovely festive read for children and adults alike! There’s something to love for everyone (MUMMY IS READING)


★★★★★ Clemmie’s War is a children book with a dark twist. The characters are wonderfully built. They are all so warm and loving. Except for the villains of course. Though they are clumsy villains and you can’t dislike them. When reading the book you see how much effort and love has Rosie put in every single character. And she even named each one after a flower. The style of writing is out of the ordinary – its sweet and bubbly. The ending was what made me love this book. Guess I’m a sucker for happy endings that make me cry. (SAMYINBOOKWORLD)

★★★★ I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is such a beautiful story about love, friendship and sacrifice, and it reminded me of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. (BLUSHINGBIBLIOPHILE)

★★★★ Although, this book is quite long for middle age readers, at 468 pages, the unique way Rosie introduces concepts of alternate dimensions, time travel, and the family-friendly environment make the tale a delight. (JILL SMITH)

★★★★ This is a cute story and I enjoyed the read. (BREAKEVEN BOOKS)

★★★★ Clemmie’s War is a fast paced, paranormal adventure for middle grade readers. It is both frivolous and deep at the same time.  If you enjoyed Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, you will love this one! (DARQUE DREAMER)

★★★★ This book was a really refreshing new take on the afterlife full of twists and turns. The story is original and builds up throughout the book, I have not read another book like it before. The characters are brilliantly throughout and really add to the story-line and enhance the readers experience when reading. Its like your there with the characters , in the story, going through everything with them. I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more by this wonderful author. (LU’S REVIEWS)

★★★★★ I love this book. Couldn’t put it down! Clemmie’s War is an exciting fantasy adventure that I’m sure older children right up to older people would enjoy! The story-line is original – I have never read anything similar. It’s full of twists and turns as the story builds and develops and is written with rich description so that I felt that the places and people were real and I was really there. I also love the touches of humour throughout! So glad I read this book – a beautifully written book which I would thoroughly recommend. (PAM TODD)